A ReniApr 10, 2021
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the amazing staff at GLVC. I came to you with level 10 leg pain and we are now nearing the final leg treatments which have now decreased my leg pain to a 1 (prior to my final treatment - it will likely be a 0). I cannot express my gratitude for how much you have all changed my life. I am finally able to be…
Jen KentMar 16, 2021
I absolutely can’t say enough about the staff who work at this clinic. From the front desk to the staff in the back and doctors. You can easily see that they all love working in the clinic. The knowledge is second to nun and customer service is above and beyond. They are very upfront and honest about what can and can’t be achieved. I am so…
Rhonda MonteiroJan 4, 2021
Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Glenmore Landing!!! Great place to go very friendly and professional!
Briana DixonDec 17, 2020
Excellent staff and following COVID protocols to the max!
Fai GNov 3, 2020
I've had four appointments there so far. I have already seen results. The staff is friendly and thorough and I have enjoyed my experience there so far! I recommended it to my mom who has her first appointment this month.
JayJay- tripzAug 1, 2019
I dodnt notice much of a differnce . I went like 10 times and i still have spider veins. Maybe they stabbed me wrong every time ? The one i hated is gone ...so what ever i guess ...
Puddings MomMay 16, 2019
I use to live in Calgary and was a patron of this clinic starting in 2012. 6 years ago I moved to Medicine Hat and yesterday was my first visit back. It was soooo worth the 3 hour trip! ( I have had experiences in the last 6 years for Vein treatment and IPL elsewhere as I tried to "shop local" that were not nearly as professional or positive…
Tammy GarrettJan 13, 2019
I have been going here for quite some time for a variety of services. I not only see Dr Natalie Watt but I send all of my clients to her. She’s top notch and her experience and quality is unparalleled to anyone else doing these services in Calgary. Being in this industry as the Owner of a Medi Spa myself I have seen a lot of what happens behind…
Martha PerlingerJan 13, 2019
Dr Natalie Watt is very good with injectables. Had a hard time finding the entrance. But once I realized where it was, it all made sense. Beautiful beds. Friendly helpful staff. Lovely experience for sure and the results were amazing. I will be back. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤩 #botoxcalgary
Ayman Abou MehremNov 13, 2018
Well organized clinic and knowledgeable physician.
Michelle AcklinJul 3, 2018
Thanks for the great care. It’s a welcoming clinic with wonderful doctors.
Monica WachMay 17, 2018
I was going to this clinic for vein treatments last year for 5 appointments. Dr. Natalie Watt was my doctor and she was awesome! Very professional and always spent time checking in with me before every treatment. All of the nurses were very friendly and professional, which was helpful considering how nervous I get around needles. They would always…
Janice StangApr 21, 2018
M. NewmanApr 19, 2018
My experience with this clinic was extremely positive. I had an echoscleratherapy and scleratherapy. Over the course of several months and seeing several staff members, each one of them were friendly and proffesional. They were thorough, answered all of my questions and made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedures. They were always on…
T kNov 13, 2017
Great staff. I met with 3 different doctors and 3 different nurses. The entire experience was top notch. I highly recommend using this vein clinic over any other clinic in Calgary, you will not be disappointed.
LApr 19, 2017
I will never return to this Clinic as the nurses are students from MRU. I visited the Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic to have Schlerotherapy injections to remove spider veins on my legs. The treatment left unsightly scars on my legs. When asked why, the doctor told me the nurse was abit overly aggressive in the injections and that was the cause of…
Giulia PoggialiFeb 19, 2016
The customer service is great, all doctors are very knowledgeable and kind. Just a fantastic experience